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By learning unique practices, you will gain insights about yourself and fill your energy tank.
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You will recharge your mind and body in a healthy and natural way without disturbing the balance and harmony between them.
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At-home retreat


6 or 10 hours
Give yourself a complete reset and be ready for change. A unique online format.
Dance practice

FLOW Movement

2 hours
Unleash your creativity and discover a new source of joy in dance meditation.
Breathing course

Breathwork for Daily Life

8 video lessons
Learn 8 basic breathing techniques for quick relaxation and stress relief.
Breathing course

Wholistic Breathwork Journey

6 weeks
Deeply explore the breathing practices that will totally transform your life.
Sleep course

Sleep Masterclass

11 lessons, 20 meditations
Improve the quality of your sleep and overcome chronic fatigue.
Mindfulness course

Mindfulness Made Easy

14 days
Switch off your life's autopilot with meditation and mindfulness.
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By participating in these programs, you will develop the skills and experience necessary for a full and happy life.


Sasha Adam

Sasha Adam

An expert in meditation and body practices, director, and musician. More than 10,000 people around the globe have taken her programs.
Sasha creates unique projects at the intersection of art and practice, using the skills she learned in show business and her deep experience of self‑discovery.

Six years ago, Sasha’s life changed dramatically. She left the world of show business behind and the world of travel and practices opened up to her. Working with the leading masters, Sasha gained the most important insight — she realized the deep need of every person to be connected with their inner self because this is the only way to achieve true happiness.

Since that moment, meditation and mind-body practices have become a fundamental part of Sasha’s life exploration and her main occupation.

Music and visual art are essential components of Sasha's "language". All her programs and practices use immersion through sound and image as well as various meditation and body techniques that enable you to do a complete reset and gain deep contact with yourself.
Jeremy Lipkowitz

Jeremy Lipkowitz

A certified meditation teacher, life coach, and habits expert, Jeremy has been teaching meditation for the past 8 years and practicing it for over a decade.
He has a degree in Genetics and Genomics from Duke University (USA) where he spent several years working as a researcher on a study in Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology. He also took part in a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program initially developed at Google.

Anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and uncertainty about the future worked as a turning point in Jeremy's life. After finishing his work at the university, he went to Myanmar where he spent time training and practicing.

There Jeremy was fully ordained as a Buddhist monk. Today he works with entrepreneurs and industry leaders and teaches meditation and emotional intelligence at universities and rehabilitation centers in the US and Asia.

Jeremy's science-based expertise, fundamental knowledge, and personal experience allow him to achieve significant results in working with anyone who wants to find inner peace and sort their lives out.
Alsu Kashapova

Alsu Kashapova

An expert in breathing practices, TEDx speaker, and former head of the Department of New Technologies and Products at one of the largest educational wellness companies.
Alsu is the author of several courses that involved her spending more than 600 hours training and teaching Breathwork. Her presentations stick in people’s memories.

The idea of personal development became an essential part of Alsu's life when she was only 15. However, in her adult life, chronic stress and anxiety got in the way of her successful career. At that time, incredible nervous tension seemed quite normal to her. She thought stress was the defining characteristic of modern life. Things changed when she discovered the transformational power of breathing practices.

Today Alsu teaches hundreds of thousands of people various conscious breathing techniques such as energy breathing, deep relaxation, and stress management. Her courses help to improve health and longevity as well as find balance in all areas of life.
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