Breathwork for Daily Life

8 in-depth lessons covering a full range of powerful, science-based breathing techniques
Explore the potential of your breath and experience the benefits in your daily life
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According to the Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report, stress is a major factor in 21st century health outcomes.
More and more people experience stress-related problems such as:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Low energy
  • Inability to focus
  • Increased incidence of chronic diseases
  • Constant worrying
  • Negative emotions
  • Insomnia


Breathing is the only autonomous process in our body that we can control.
We don't think about breathing in our sleep, but we are able to change our breathing patterns or hold our breath while we are awake.
When we regulate our breathing, we regulate how our heart, our brain, even our entire nervous system works. With breathwork, we can control how we function in the here and now.
Discover a range of science-based breathing techniques spread across 8 in-depth lessons that are easy to pick up and perfect for everyday use.
Lesson 1: Cleansing Breath Technique
Learn a simple breathing method that will put you into a state of deep calm and relaxation in under a minute.
Lesson 2: The 4D Practice
Learn to understand the four key dimensions of breathing – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – so you can better identify which techniques you need at any given moment.
Lesson 3: Strengthen Your Immune System
Engage the three core breathing zones of your lungs to energize every cell in your body, increase lung capacity, and strengthen your immune system.
Lesson 4: Energy Boost
Get energized instantly and release unwanted stress stored in your body.
Lesson 5: Stress Relief
Learn two powerful techniques that will help you to release stress so you can manage any situation with poise, confidence, and calm.
Lesson 6: Regaining Balance
Learn coherent breathing and box breathing that will help you to quickly rebalance your thoughts and your emotions, making you more resilient and better equipped to take on life's challenges, big or small.
Lesson 7: Relaxation
Learn how to leverage the connection between your breathing and your parasympathetic nervous system to experience the healing effects of deep relaxation.
Lesson 8: Making Breathwork a Habit
Learn how to effortlessly turn this practice into a habit so you can reap all the benefits of breathwork without thinking about it.
Experience the power of your breath to heal your mind, body, and soul in this comprehensive and easy-to-follow course
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A number of studies have shown that breathwork influences four key elements of our physiology.
1. Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Balance
Using breathwork, you can optimize the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange 1 to boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system.2
1. Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Balance
2. Nervous System
By shifting the way you breathe, you can directly influence both your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems 3. This helps to decrease blood pressure 4 and reduce stress levels5, or elevate your energy levels. 6
2. Nervous System
3. Lung Capacity
Various breathwork techniques have been shown to have a significant impact on lung capacity 7. Various breathwork techniques have been shown to have a significant impact on lung capacity. Those with higher lung capacity are healthier and live longer than those with decreased lung capacity 8 .
3. Lung Capacity
4. Life Energy Flow
With the right breathing techniques, you can access the alpha state of mind 9 , which is associated with improved creativity, intuition, and imagination. Breathwork has also proven to be a powerful tool for healing deep traumas 10.
4. Life Energy Flow


Alsu Kashapova is a certified breathwork trainer. She is an expert in energy breathing, stress management, deep relaxation, health improvement and longevity, spiritual liberation, and Pranayama rebirth breathing.
Today, my mission is to help people dramatically elevate their lives… One breath at a time.
Alsu Kashapova
Alsu Kashapova
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