Flow Movement

Online meditation and dance practice to reboot your mind and body in just 2 hours
Experience a new brightness. 
Immerse yourself in meditation and dance.

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What is Flow Movement?

Flow Movement is a 2-hour online practice from Sasha Adam that provides you with a way to uncover knowledge about yourself through your body.
The main concept of the practice is paying attention to your body's impulses and moving in accordance with them.
The goal is to make deep contact with your emotions and release them through your body. And, most importantly, to get inspiration from yourself.
The simplicity of the practice lies in the fact that you don't need to know how to dance or have any special physical training. Flow Movement is accessible to everyone.
Flow Movement encompasses several techniques that will give you a deep psycho‑emotional reset:
Classic meditation
Improvisational movement
Deep relaxation meditation
Dynamic meditation
The meditation dance practice lasts 1.5 hours and is done with your eyes closed
The music mix was custom-made in collaboration with 15 musicians
Before the practice, you will receive recommendations and a video presentation with a professional dancer
I created the FLOW MOVEMENT from a deep sense of music, dance, and meditation. This practice will let you live out your true nature, put the external on pause, and listen only to what's inside.
<strong>Sasha Adam</strong>
Sasha Adam
The author


Flow Movement is an online experience so only a few things are needed:
Two hours to get in touch with your inner self
A place where you can dance and no one will disturb you
Any device connected to the internet

With this 5-minute video, you'll get a taste of the practice

This video is a part of the Flow Movement introduction
In just 5 minutes you will get a taste of what the full two-hour experience is like.
It is the perfect way to understand if Flow Movement is right for you.
Sound is an essential part of the practice, so make sure to watch it with the sound on.


A reset of your perception and state. And then – a reset of your life
Connection with yourself
Flow Movement will wake up your true and wild unconscious self and facilitate a deep connection with the inner you
Creative flow
Everything in this practice – every sound, word, image – is meant to inspire you




  • 2 hours of meditation dance practice
  • Music mix with tracks from 15 musicians
  • 4 techniques with audio guidance
  • Video presentation with a professional dancer
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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Meeting with your depth. Meeting with yourself. With the one who is inside... beneath all the layers... What could be more important?
<strong>Sasha Adam</strong>
Sasha Adam
The author
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