Mindfulness Made Easy

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A calm mind is your best defense against any challenge in life

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Things you may not know about mindfulness

Meditation is hands down the easiest, most effective way to let go of stress and anxiety, build a more meaningful and fulfilling life, and become a more grounded and effective individual.

Mindfulness meditation in particular is one of the most pragmatic, no‑nonsense forms of meditation you'll find!

If you're thinking you don't need meditation to fix the problems in your head, read on.

4 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Mindfulness

  • 75% of insomniacs who start a daily meditation plan are able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed
  • Meditation leads to massive increases in regional brain gray matter density
  • Meditation plays a critical role in delaying the onset and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by increasing telomerase enzymes by 43%
  • Practicing meditation for 6-9 months can reduce anxiety by 60%

Supercharge your mind with meditation

Release stress and anxiety from your body using the mindful body-scan technique
Feel more at peace, even in high-stress situations
Gain an increased sense of self-worth and self-confidence
Bounce back more quickly from anxiety attacks and emotional difficulties
Build a more resilient mind and take back control of your life
Develop a consistent meditation habit that feels joyful and is sustainable
Cultivate deeper fulfillment – whether you’re a successful CEO, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a newly minted graduate

How will you benefit?

  • Master expert-level techniques and practices of mindfulness meditation
  • Meditate anytime, anywhere with ease and confidence
  • Deepen body awareness and relaxation using the mindful body-scan technique
  • Develop a daily meditation practice that is enjoyable and sustainable
  • Overcome the 5 most common obstacles in mindfulness practice

About the Author

Jeremy Lipkowitz is an international meditation teacher and mindfulness coach based in Amsterdam.
He has been teaching meditation for the past 9 years and practicing for over a decade. He is a former scientist and has spent time as a fully‑ordained Buddhist monk in Myanmar. He also worked as a Mindfulness Specialist at The American School of Bangkok in Thailand.

Jeremy holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Genetics and Genomics and spent several years at Duke University doing graduate research in Systems Biology before he turned full‑time to mindfulness teaching.
In this course, I combine my science-based expertise with a hunger for personal development to help others discipline their minds and achieve inner peace.
<strong>Jeremy Lipkowitz</strong>
Jeremy Lipkowitz
The author


Course Contents

14-Day Training Guide:
Day 1Welcome to the course
Day 2What is mindfulness?
Day 3Returning Your Attention to the Present
Day 4Building Concentration
Day 5Cultivating Body Awareness
Day 6Practicing Mindful Listening
Day 7Cultivating Equanimity
Day 8Obstacle #1: A Hyperactive Mind
Day 9Obstacle #2: Distractions
Day 10Obstacle #3: Difficult Emotions
Day 11Obstacle #4: Pain In The Body
Day 12Obstacle #5: Doubt
Day 13Loving Kindness
Day 14Bringing it All Together

Mindfulness Made Easy

  • Step-by-step 14-day guide
  • Mindful body-scan technique
  • Expert-level meditation practices
  • Consistent meditation habit
  • Best ways to overcome the 5 most common obstacles to mindfulness practice
  • Exclusive materials to download
  • Available for 90 days
  • Accessible via mobile devices and computer
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