Reload retreat

One-day online retreat for those who need a reset here and now
Take a one-day profound break and connect with yourself


Not everyone has the opportunity to fly to Bali, have a retreat in an Indian ashram, take a meditation course, or go to the country for the weekend.


It's an opportunity for everyone to take a real retreat at home


A retreat is a period of time when you get alone with yourself and work on your inner self
This is a break that everyone needs at times. Especially in the reality of today's world.
We live in a world of "the rat race", constant information overload, multitasking, and hurry. We don't even notice the continuous stress that is with us every day.
Even when we realize something is wrong with us, we try to find a solution outside of ourselves – we work even harder to achieve more, seek additional satisfaction from our partners, or immerse ourselves in social networking. But, by doing this, all we are doing is suppressing our true emotions, sapping our energy, and increasing the feeling of disconnectedness.
We are hardwired to reboot and restore our inner resources. All we have to do in order to accomplish this is to take a total break.
This retreat is exactly the kind of break you need. This is the opportunity to exhale stress, slow down, see and hear yourself. The opportunity to feel deeply and connect with something more than our everyday reality.

To go into RELOAD at home, you will need:

set aside 6 or 10 hours to get in touch with your inner self
a quiet place where no one can disturb you
a computer or mobile device with internet access

RELOAD is exactly what you need:

If you are tired and want to get a fresh start, but do not have the opportunity to disconnect from reality for an extended period of time or travel to a retreat center to commune with nature in another country
If you often suffer from stress and want to understand how to deal with it
If you are interested in how to use meditation and mindfulness techniques to rebalance yourself and access new inner resources
If you are faced with personal, professional, or creative burnout, and you realize you need to find the tools to help you recover
If you want to reconnect with your true desires, feel your own flow, and understand how to live differently
If you’d like to have a wonderful and unique experience without leaving your home
If you are looking for an infusion of inspiration

What's waiting for you?

Reload is a specially designed program aimed at restoring your inner resources and resetting your psychophysical state.
It features:
Body practices
Morning Qi Gong and the Flow Movement practice for which we have created a special mix of ambient, downtempo, and electronic music
Meditation practices
Traditional meditation practices with audio guidance
Psychological writing practice
Questions for self-reflection and identification of current states
Stress and energy management
Video lessons on tools you can use for self‑regulation
Retreat as performance
These are not the typical video lessons or lectures. We have created a whole world of full immersion to make Mind Space feel like a trip to the theater, a journey, a quest, and a life‑changing meeting, all combined.
Unique masters
Getting to know both traditional and novel practices from experienced specialists
Optional but recommended detox diet


A reset of your perception and state. And then – a reset of your life.
Inner silence allows you to hear yourself and restore your resources. RELOAD practices will fill your body and mind with energy.
Connection with yourself
Seclusion is the first step. Then you need to take the next step: connecting with yourself. This retreat will promote a deep connection with yourself.
Getting rid of stress
You will receive tools for self‑regulation and getting rid of stress.
Creative flow
Everything in this project – every sound, word, image, practice, person – is meant to inspire you.
New experiences
Practices from experienced masters and experts + inspiring audiovisual footage will give you the opportunity to acquire new skills and states.
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Our Masters

Each master is unique and has many years of experience in retreats and practices
Sasha Adam
Founder of Space 68, author of Flow Movement and Reload programs.

Leads: Meditation sessions and the Flow Movement practice.
Daria Pepelyaeva
Founder of the "Live Mindfully" project.

Leads: Stress and Energy Management sessions
Konstantin Vikhrev-Smirnov (Kos)
Founder of the Path of the Heart project, Qi Gong instructor.

Leads: Qi Gong sessions
Lena Degtyar
Scientist (Ph.D.), coach, head of the #SEKTA School Research Department.

Leads: A session on psychology

Retreat Program

Description of the full 10-hour program (you can also take a 6-hour program or only the Flow Movement practice)
1. Qi GongAwakening Taoist practice
2. Anapanasati MeditationClassic Buddhist meditation
3. Breakfast1 hour. You can choose something from the recommended detox menu or make your favorite breakfast.
4. Stress ManagementA video lesson on stress and stress management
5. Psychological writing practiceQuestions that will help you learn more about your emotions and current states
6. Flow MovementThe catharsis of your retreat – a meditation and dance practice by Sasha Adam. 15 musicians came together to create a special musical mix for this practice.
7. ShavasanaDeep relaxation meditation, which is a natural continuation of the Flow Movement practice
8. Lunch1.5 hours. You can choose something from the recommended detox menu or make your own choice.
9. Energy ManagementA video lesson on restoring your resources
10. MettaClassic Buddhist meditation


Take your retreat. Choose the 10-hour or 6-hour program:

Detailed instructions on how to prepare for the retreat will be emailed to you after purchase


10 hours
6 hours
  • Qi Gong body practice
  • Anapanasati Meditation
  • Lesson on Stress Management
  • Psychological writing practice
  • Flow Movement – a meditation dance practice that includes 4 techniques
  • Deep relaxation meditation
  • Lesson on Energy Management
  • Metta Meditation
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Meeting with your depth. Meeting with yourself. With the one who is inside... beneath all the layers... What could be more important?
<strong>Sasha Adam</strong>
Sasha Adam
The author
try Flow Movement separately
If you feel you're not ready for the full retreat, you can choose Flow Movement to try dance meditation and connect with yourself in just 2 hours