Wholistic Breathwork

Six weeks of in-depth breathing techniques and life-transforming practices
Reconnect with your most authentic self and thrive

Ever noticed how your breathing can help you?

When you're having a hard time, if you inhale deeply and slowly, you immediately feel better.
When you feel stressed, you take a lot of fast, shallow breaths in preparation for rapid action.
When you're happy, you breathe easily and deeply.
Breathing is one of nature's basic mechanisms for controlling our bodies and minds. Humans take 20,000 breaths a day. Every breath nourishes our cells, rejuvenates us, and calms us.

Let go of baggage from the past

Your life may look successful, even perfect from the outsideBUT
  • it feels incomplete; you feel emptiness
  • no matter how much you accomplish every day, it never feels good enough
  • you experience anxiety
  • you feel that you are just one step away from a breakdown
Does this ring any bells with you? 
If so, Wholistic Breathwork can change your life for the better.


A wholistic 360-degree health approach applied to Breathwork will lead you to the most powerful results.

The course integrates all aspects of how you experience the world – body, emotions, mind, and soul.

You'll experience multiple modalities:

Ontological Learning
Working with cultural and individual narratives, learning to work with rooted emotions, using somatic tendencies and the language of the body
NLP and Hypnotherapy
Identifying patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs, as well as shifting them through accessing the subconscious and altering your inner dialogue
Self-love and Healing Your Inner Child
Reconnecting with the child-self through active visualization, forgiveness, and healing childhood trauma
Transpersonal Psychology
Discovering the spiritual aspects of human life to access an enhanced capacity for wisdom, higher meaning, unconditional love, and compassion
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Explore the 6-week Wholistic Breathwork Journey

This course will give you fascinating insights into the effects of breathing on your entire body. The systematic approach will give you a good understanding of even the most profound and complex processes.
Each week's session is designed to deepen your self-awareness and teach you how to use this information to get the desired results.
Week 1: Body Awareness
Discover how to use breathwork to improve your nervous system, metabolism, and immunity and even increase lung capacity
Week 2: Emotional Awareness
Learn how to rejuvenate yourself emotionally and how best to deal with your emotions
Week 3: Mind Awareness and Discovering Beliefs
Remove all the blocks holding you back from living your full life and establish new and empowering beliefs that will make you unstoppable
Week 4: Reconnecting with Your Soul
Reconnect with your soul, access your intuition on command, and accept ultimate responsibility for your own reality
Week 5: Healing and Self-Love
Heal your wounds through forgiveness, active visualization, and self-love
Week 6: Rebuilding Your Life
Complete your journey by planning new habits for the future, a supportive system for you, your environment, and your relationships


Alsu Kashapova is a certified holistic therapist. She is an expert in a range of different breathing methodologies – from Scientific Conscious Breathing to Pranayama and Rebirth Breathing.

She is also a certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Sound Healer.
Today, my mission is to help people dramatically elevate their lives… One breath at a time.
Alsu Kashapova
Alsu Kashapova
The author


Wholistic Breathwork

  • 6-week educational program
  • Systematic approach to the power of breath
  • Video and audio lessons with workbook assignments
  • Hacks on how to gain emotional balance and release trapped emotions
  • Techniques for boosting your productivity and strengthening your overall health and immunity
  • Available for 6 months
  • Accessible via mobile devices and computer
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  • No meditation cushion
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All you need is your breath.
Every weekday, you’ll receive a 15-minute morning routine and a short video with the lesson of the day. The lesson usually includes such practices as breathwork or reflection exercises.
Weekends are your integration time. You can go back to any previous lesson if you want. And there is a custom 20-40 minute breathwork journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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